Permissionless token listing using Embr's USDC-enabled Payment Solution

The Embr SmartSwap API ― a key component of our USDC-enabled Payment Solution ― is powered by Mattr One, Embr Labs proprietary trust-minimized, real-time interchain swap protocol.

For developers, Embr's developer-friendly APIs simplify the integration of interchain value exchanges in applications. Designed to reduce complexity and overhead typically associated with such integrations, Embr's Payment Solution offers a streamlined approach. This enables developers to focus on innovation rather than navigating the intricacies of interchain payments in their applications.

Documentation for Ramps [beta cohort]

The Embr SmartSwap API serves as an on-chain crypto asset liquidity engine, enabling Ramps to support any ERC-20 compatible token on-demand across the top EVM compatible networks. Leveraging the Embr SmartSwap API, Ramps abstracts the need for buyers to purchase the blockchain's native crypto asset (i.e., ETH, MATIC, BNB, etc.) to pay for transaction fees in crypto-enabled products.

The easiest way to integrate the Embr SmartSwap API is by using our Order API and Search API allowing you to access our list of supported crypto assets, get a price, create an order and send USDC to settle the transaction. Once the payment has been captured from your float sub-account, Mattr One's Off-chain Engine API orchestrates the on-chain interchain swap into the desired output token.

To get started, get in touch with our sales team here: [email protected]

As part of the onboarding process, you will required to verify your sending wallets, along with passing KYB.