Checkout FAQ

Your Checkout questions, answered.

What is Embr Checkout?

Embr Checkout is a growing suite of tools built by and for DeFi project leaders to streamline token sales. With its suite of shareable payment links, embeddable widgets, and QR codes, Embr Checkout makes it easy for users to purchase your tokens from anywhere. The integrated fiat on-ramp (currently powered by Unlimit Crypto) allows users to buy native/gas coins and swap for project tokens in one seamless flow, eliminating the need for lengthy guides on how to buy and navigate multiple platforms. Powered by the LiFi API, Embr Checkout ensures users receive the best possible price at any given time.

With Embr Checkout, DeFi project leaders can focus on building their communities and delivering innovative products, while Embr Checkout takes care of the burdensome process of making tokens easy to buy.

Find out more about Checkout here.

Why should Project Leaders use Embr Checkout?

Hundreds of DeFi project leaders choose Embr Checkout for its seamless integration, user-friendly experience, and built-in fiat on-ramping options. Checkout makes everyone's life easier - yours, as a project leader, and your end-users' who are trying to buy your token. We also have a full help center with support articles, and chat-based support if you need more in-depth assistance.

Is Embr Checkout easy to use?

Yes, Embr Checkout's intuitive interface removes the complexity typically associated with exchanges, making it one of the easiest ways to buy tokens. No need to adjust slippage or gas limits. Smart Contract Addresses are unnecessary in most instances. Checkout is a newbie-friendly purchase interface with a heavy focus on user experience.

How do I, as a Project Leader, get started?

If you are in charge of a DeFi token, you can head over to our Register for Checkoutsection, where you can begin the process of registering. After that, you can embed your custom Launcher code into your website, if you wish to, so that you can enable token sales right from your website — with fiat options. No convoluted liquidity management required, and setup can take as little as a couple minutes (depending on how your website is built).

How much does Embr Checkout cost to use?

Embr Checkout is free for project leaders. There is no setup fee, registration fees, hidden fees, etc. There is, however, a 1% service fee that get applied to swaps, paid by the person swapping, in addition to the usual gas fees, and any ramp providers' fees that apply.

Where does the liquidity for Checkout come from?

Unlike similar products you may encounter, Checkout simply connects to the liquidity pool(s) that already exist for your token — circumventing the need to partition your liquidity just to use Checkout. The LiFi API also ensures that end-users receive the best deal based on the liquidity available across multiple DEXes. As long as your liquidity pool(s) are on a supported chain, Checkout will execute swaps from there.

Is Embr Checkout secure?

Yes, Embr Checkout is built with security in mind, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for both project leaders and end-users. The technology powering Checkout is audited by our cybersecurity partners at Hacken.

Does Embr Checkout support all types of tokens?

Embr Checkout is only compatible with the chains listed in the Compatibilitysection. At this time, NFT's are not compatible. The current version of Checkout (v2) is built for DeFi tokens.

Where do I, as a project leader, send people if there is an issue with Checkout?

If you encounter an issue and need support, or need to refer someone to support, you can send them to our help center. There, you will find support articles, and chat-based assistance.

How many clients does Embr Checkout have?

Embr Checkout boasts a growing client list of hundreds of satisfied projects, big and small.

What tools are included in the Embr Checkout suite?

The flagship offering in the Embr Checkout suite is the Checkout Launcher, which acts as a pop-out buy interface with a fiat ramp and swap interface that removes the need to send people off of your website. In addition to the Launcher, you also gain access to shareable payment links (like this) that feature auto-generated link previews for use on social media and elsewhere. With those links, you can also turn them into Q-Codes to enable purchases from physical items like billboards, social media graphics and more. Check Checkout Formatsfor more information about the options available.

Where can I follow Embr Labs on social media?

We're on most social media platforms and you'll find us and our various communities through our Linktree. You can also follow us on our blog here. If you find yourself really enjoying Embr Checkout, give us a shout-out on X (Twitter); we appreciate the love!