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Your V2 questions, answered.
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    What is Embr Checkout? Embr Checkout is a suite of customizable tools that allows DeFi project leaders to sell their tokens directly from their own websites without redirecting users to external DEX platforms. It simplifies the purchasing process and offers a user-friendly experience that is significantly more welcoming to newbies than DEXs. With fiat currency on-ramping here, a prospective token-buyer can go from money-in-the-bank to tokens-in-wallet in a few short minutes, all from your website, no CEXs or DEXs necessary.
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    What's new with V2 compared to V1? Checkout V2 is a sizeable update to our already established Checkout product. -- The wallet connection has been rebuilt from the ground up for an even smoother, more intuitive experience. -- Various optimizations in the backend boost performance, and finality times compared to V1. -- 1inch integration also allows each transaction to go through whichever DEX has the best price at the time of swapping. -- V2 allows for tokens that are paired with any other token or coin (on the same chain); so stablecoin LPs and more unique LP pairs are now supported by Checkout V2. -- Checkout V2 also allows end-users to swap-back tokens (sell) and to swap any-to-any on the same chain. This means someone can buy your token with any other token on the same chain, and this includes swap-backs (sells). -- Checkout v2 is built to incorporate fiat on-ramping. Checkout is your all-in-one solution to make your website a funnel for conversion without any redirections elsewhere to CEXs or DEXs.
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    Why should I use Checkout for my DeFi project? * Over 100 DeFi project leaders choose Embr Checkout for its seamless integration, user-friendly experience, and customizable interface. It enables conversion through your website, enhances brand consistency, and eliminates the need to redirect users to external DEX platforms, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and engagement. Checkout makes everyone's life easier - yours, as a project leader, and your end-users who are trying to buy your token.
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    Is Embr Checkout easy to use? Yes, Embr Checkout's intuitive interface removes the complexity typically associated with DEX platforms, making it one of the easiest ways to buy tokens. No need to adjust slippage or gas limits. Smart Contract Addresses are unnecessary in most instances. Checkout is a newbie-friendly purchase interface with a heavy focus on user experience.
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    Can I customize Embr Checkout to match my branding? Absolutely! Embr Checkout offers a range of customization options to ensure that it aligns with your project's unique branding and website style. Additional customization options will be made available over time.
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    How do I integrate Embr Checkout into my website? Integration is simple, ranging from a basic copy-paste implementation to more advanced options for specialized websites that require a tailored experience. Our most popular option, the Checkout Launcher, is a copy/paste job, but custom modals and overlays can take a couple extra steps. Be sure to check out our guides for specific instructions and visual aids to help with implementation!
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    Where does the liquidity for transactions come from? Checkout links directly to the existing liquidity pools on the DEX that you already hold the liquidity for your token. No additional liquidity is required to use Checkout. If your token, for example, uses PancakeSwap, Checkout will link to your existing LP on PancakeSwap and allow users to swap to your token from your website. All purchases made through Checkout go to your liquidity and directly benefit your token as any purchase would through PancakeSwap.
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    How many clients does Embr Checkout have? Embr Checkout has over 100 clients of all sizes spanning over 140 countries across the globe, making it a trusted solution for DeFi project leaders looking to boost conversion from their websites.
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    Is Embr Checkout secure? Yes, Embr Checkout is built with security in mind, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for both project leaders and end-users. The technology powering Checkout is audited by our cybersecurity partners at Hacken.
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    How much does Embr Checkout cost? Checkout is free for project users to embed and utilize. Checkout does, however, collect a 1% convenience fee on transactions, in addition to any other fees that may apply - tokenomic buy/sell taxes, fiat on-ramping, DEX fees etc.
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    Does Embr Checkout support all types of tokens? Embr Checkout is designed to be compatible with a wide range of DeFi tokens, but not all. V2 Checkout supports: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and Avalanche. It is important to note that not all tokens supported by V1 Checkout are supported by V2, only the ones on the chains mentioned above are compatible with V2.
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    Where do I, as a project leader, send people if there is an issue with Checkout? In the off-chance you need to direct an end-user to get support, please send them to our Help Center: We operate on North American hours but try to respond to tickets diligently and as quickly as we can.
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    How can I, as a project leader, get in touch with the Embr Checkout team? You can reach out to us through our help center, Just click the purple bubble in the bottom corner of the screen to get in touch!
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