6. How long do we retain personal data, and where is my personal data processed?

We keep your personal data, if necessary (a) for the purposes of the collection or (b) as long as required under applicable laws, whichever is longer. For instance, we may be required to keep personal data about Transactions after they are completed, to demonstrate compliance with certain fiscal regulations.
Transactions facilitated by Checkout occur on blockchains, which means that your transaction data is recorded and kept on the blockchain’s ledger which is publicly accessible to everyone. Blockchain is by nature decentralized, therefore individual nodes on the ledger can be located anywhere worldwide. Transaction data is also stored indefinitely by blockchain networks, due to the very nature of blockchain technology. It allows such Transactions to be verifiable. We have no control over the blockchain network.
Performing transactions requires processing personal data in various jurisdictions. The use of blockchains may leverage nodes in different regions through which personal data can transit. Third parties may also be in other jurisdictions than yours. Therefore, we may transfer information to countries outside of your country of residence which may have data protection laws and regulations that differ from those in your country. We put reasonable measures in place before transferring personal data to service providers. These measures include, when required or appropriate and feasible, obtaining written assurances from third parties that may access your personal information that they will protect the information with safeguards designed to provide a level of protection equivalent to that adopted by us.
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