3. Do we use Cookies and for what purposes?

We install our own cookies and third-party cookies on your browser or device through our Website. Some of these cookies are uninstalled automatically at the end of your browsing session. Others are persistent, which means that they remain installed for up to 24 months unless you uninstall them.
We currently do not respond to “Do Not Track Signals”, and we do not sell your personal data nor use marketing cookies. If this changes, we will update this Privacy Policy.
As part of Embr Checkout, the following cookies may be used, such as to complete a Transaction.
Type of Cookies
Essential Cookies
Essential cookies are necessary to operate the core functions of our online services. These include login cookies, session ID cookies, language cookies as well as security cookies.
Functional Cookies
Functional cookies are used to provide you with certain website functionality, and to remember website preferences, consents, and configurations.
Analytical Cookies
Analytical cookies are used to generate aggregated statistical data about traffic and behavior of our websites’ users. For instance, we use Google Analytics to determine how visitors use our websites, such as with the number of visitors, from where our visitors come from on the web, the pages they visited, conversation data, how much time was spent on our websites as well as general checkout data such as the tokens purchased, and the transaction amounts.
We only see this data in an aggregated and traffic-based format, and we cannot see each user's data individually.
We do not conduct interest-based advertising using your data.
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