2. How do we process your personal data, and for what purposes?

We collect personal data for these main purposes: (a) to allow users to create and register through accounts that contain functionalities such as building workflows for Transactions, (b) to process the Transaction; (c) to provide technical support to our clients’ users, and (d) to protect individuals by conducting identity checks and other money laundering monitoring, as applicable from time to time. We don’t sell your personal data.
We don’t process credit card data, and we don’t conduct transactions, we just automate a series of transactions using cryptocurrencies and third parties.
We may obtain your personal data from third parties involved in the Transaction (e.g. a wallet), or we may disclose your personal data to these third parties to complete the Transaction, depending on Project Owners’ instructions.
If a processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent. However, the withdrawal will apply to the future. You understand that we cannot remove information published on a blockchain and that such information is public.
Table 1 : Purposes for Processing X Corresponding Icons
To allow users to subscribe to online services, login to a secured portal and use online services.
To prevent fraud, comply with money laundering, conduct know-your-customer verification and comply with legal obligations.
To allow buyers to purchase tokens from Project Owners, providing the services or goods requested, executing instructions from Project Owners.
To protect Embr Checkout’s infrastructures, assets and related data.
To respond to technical support requests, including when making tests with Project Owners’ agents to validate a workflow or correct a bug.
To improve our services or products, such as develop new functionalities.
To generate anonymized or aggregated data that no longer identifies you.
To automate functionality or allow third parties to perform their functionalities (including collection for another party involved in the Transaction, e.g. the Project Owner or payment provider).
For each of the purposes of processing, the table below identifies what are the purposes of processing for each data type.
Table 2 - Personal Data Types x Purposes of Processing
Personal Data types
Purposes of Processing
User Data
  • Credentials
  • E-mail address
  • Subscription information
Usage Data
  • IP address
  • Make, model and operating system of a device
  • Geolocation
Technical Support Data
  • Live chat log
  • Chat bot log
  • Voice notes
  • GIFs, emojis
  • Elements shared with the requests
  • Metadata on the support provided, such as read receipts
  • Wallet information when testing token procurement workflow
Preferences Data
  • IP addresses
  • Consents
  • Configurations of online services
Identification Data
  • Identification requested from the buyer as part of the Transaction, such as IDs, names and other information required for identity validation and know-your-customer requirements
Transaction Data
  • Time of payment
  • Wallet address
  • Transaction amounts
  • Method of payment
  • Number of tokens purchased
  • Any personal data received from third parties such as decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools
Marketing Data
  • Metadata regarding shareable URLs, such as time of creation, IP addresses of Buyers using the links, method of sharing by the Project Owner, whether the shareable link is clicked or used
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