Checkout Launcher Installation

How to install the Checkout Launcher
Congratulations! By now, you should have already claimed your token and gained access to your custom code. If you haven't please visit Request Your Code before proceeding. You should have a code that looks something like this:
V2 Launcher Code - Example
<script async type="module" id="embrCheckout" src="" data-chain="bsc" data-address="0x6CB8065F96d63630425fd95A408A0D6cD697C662"></script>
This is a test code for documentation purposes only. We do not advise you to use this code as anything more than an example/test code.

Direct Code Installation (Java)

  • Step 1: Open your website's master file.
  • Step 2: In between the <head> and </head> tags, copy and paste the code you received.
  • Step 3: You're already done! That's all it takes to install Checkout via the code! (Java)

WordPress (Free-Premium tiers)

There is currently no easy way to embed the Checkout code in these tiers of WordPress because they do not allow plugins.
We advise upgrading to the WordPress Business Edition to gain access to the plugins that will allow you to embed Checkout with ease.

WordPress (Business)

  • Install a Plugin that allows you to insert custom Java headers and footers. We recommend the 'Insert Headers and Footers' plugin.
  • Paste the code into the Header.
  • You're set!


The following video shows how to add custom Java to the WPBakery page builder. Remember to paste the code into the section labeled <head> (the header).


There are two ways to go about installing Checkout into an Elementor-based website.
  • Via an HTML Widget
  • Via a Plugin



  • Go to 'Settings' in your site's dashboard.
  • Click the 'Custom Code' tab in the 'Advanced' section.
  • Click '+ Add Custom Code' at the top right.
  • Paste the code in the text box
  • Enter a name for your code (Embr Checkout)
  • Select which page(s) to add code to
  • Choose 'Head' when asked where the code is supposed to go.
  • Click 'Apply'
  • You're set!
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