Introduction to Checkout V1

The Web3 payment flow that converts your supporters into investors every time.
Click. Pay. Done.
Embr Checkout is a set of pre-built, web3-activated payment solutions designed for project leaders to enable prospective investors to purchase digital assets directly from projects’ websites with ease. Embr Checkout eliminates all the friction from the current state of token purchases, enabling people to buy tokens with nothing more than a credit card and email. Its Web2-esque design creates optimal experiences where buyers no longer need crypto wallets or assets to back disruptive technology projects they believe in. With built-in fiat integration, prospective investors will be able to go from fiat currency to tokens-in-wallet without redirections, clunky DEX UIs, or having to tinker with slippages. Checkout is an iterative product that will receive updates with additional forms, features, and integrations over time. Embr Checkout uses tokens' own pre-existing liquidity pools through Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, etc. This means that every purchase made through Checkout contributes directly to the tokens' market caps and liquidity. Unlike other embeddable interfaces, you do not have to provide a liquidity pool to us. Projects can generate custom Checkout codes within our Admin Dashboard. From there, you just insert the custom code into your website's backend and voila, Checkout will be live and functional on your website.
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