Supported Blockchains/DEXes

Here is an evolving list of the blockchains Checkout is integrated with
This is a live list and will be updated as additional blockchains and/or DEXes get integrated with Checkout:
  • Avalanche: (Trader Joe)
  • Arbitrum: (SushiSwap; Uniswap V3)
  • Aurora: (TriSolaris; WannaSwap)
  • Brise: (Sphynx)
  • BSC: (PancakeSwap; BiSwap; ApeSwap; PYESwap)
  • Celo: (SushiSwap; Ubeswap)
  • Cronos: (VVS; MM Finance)
  • Ethereum: (Uniswap V2; Uniswap V3; SushiSwap; ShibaSwap)
  • Fantom: (SpookySwap; SpiritSwap; SushiSwap)
  • Harmony: (DeFi Kingdoms; Tranquil Finance; SushiSwap; ViperSwap)
  • Heco: (MDex)
  • KuCoin Community Chain: (MojitoSwap)
  • Metis: (Tethys; Hermes Protocol; Netswap)
  • Moonbeam: (BeamSwap; StellaSwap; Solarflare)
  • Moonriver: (Solarbeam)
  • Oasis: (YuzuSwap)
  • OKX Chain/OEC: (Cherry Swap)
  • Optimism: (Uniswap V3)
  • Polygon: (Quickswap; SushiSwap)
  • Ronin: (Katana)
  • Smart BCH: (MistSwap)

Total Blockchains supported: 21

Total DEXes supported: 33