Checkout Formats

Checkout can take on a variety of forms, with many more to come.
Checkout currently comes in a few different forms. Over time, more forms and integrations will be added.

Checkout Embed

This is the base Checkout Embed widget. You can embed this interface anywhere on your webpage that you can fit it. You can insert this into an existing element or you can create a new element to insert this Embed. This provides a static, unchanging interface where your web traffic can swap to your token from native coin. This is an extra useful choice if you have a page dedicated to buy options.
Checkout Embed on
Checkout Embeds on

Checkout Launcher

The Checkout Launcher is a button hugging the bottom of the screen that pops out a Checkout embed when clicked. This format acts like a support chat bubble would, in how it hovers in that corner as a user scrolls your webpage. You can customize multiple aspects of the Launcher; color (hex code), position (bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right), logo (including animated GIFs), words ("Buy Embr"), and more. You can truly make your Launcher your own. This format also has the added benefit of being a pop-out that doesn't take up a permanent spot on your webpage. If you wish to minimize the amount of static space taken up by Checkout, Checkout Launcher can be a more subtle but still extremely convenient way to sell your token.

Checkout Modal

This allows you to turn any pre-existing element on your website into a pop-up widget when clicked, or display as a buy button anywhere on a page. This is an excellent selection if you wish to minimize space taken on your webpage. Additionally, this option is handy if you're trying to represent multiple buy interfaces for multiple chains.
Checkout Modal on
Checkout Modal popped-out
Checkout Modal on