Introduction to Embr
Your gateway to a decentralized world
Embr is a blockchain-powered startup on the Binance Smart Chain network founded in September, 2021, by Andrew Cunningham, Jason Dominique, Eli Popovich and James Hunt.
In November, 2021, Embr successfully raised 2.5M USD in seed funding through the $EMBR token presales to build an ecosystem/platform that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to be able to easily integrate Web3 blockchain technology into their business models.
Web3 and DeFi are revolutionary progressions of decentralized technology currently locked behind a steep, unforgiving learning curve that intimidates current Web2 natives from joining the movement. Embr aims to make Web3 significantly easier to access through end-to-end, user-focused products and services.
Our mission is to empower innovators with the tools and know-how to ignite the future of economic opportunity.
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